If kiteboarding isn’t enough for you…we’ve got you covered! Windsurf and wingfoil in Naxos Mikri Vigla with Thalasea


Mikri Vigla was born as, and continues to be, a fantastic windsurf spot. Even though kiteboarding has stolen the show a bit, windsurfing will always be the sport that came first and will always have its own audience at our beautiful beach, which is one of the reasons why we want to keep up the possibility of renting windsurfing equipment in Mikri Vigla. Enjoy a nice ride across the beautiful bay, play with some small waves, or find some flat water nearby the church island!

For this season we will have a limited selection of windsurfing gear: JP and Fanatic boards from 78 to 117 liters and Duotone sails from 3.7 to 6.2m2.

Windsurfing rental price list

1 hour2 hours5 hours card1 day
2 daysExtra day7 daysExtra day
150€+ 50€380€+ 40€
10 daysExtra day14 daysExtra day
480€+ 30€580€+30€
1 hour40€
2 hours70€
5 hours card170€
1 day80€
2 days150€
Extra day+ 50€
7 days380€
Extra day+ 40€
10 days480€
Extra day+ 30€
14 days580€
Extra day+ 30€

The above prices include sail, board, buoyancy aid, harness, wetsuit.

For shared rental we charge the price times 1,5

Windsurfing lesson price list

Private 1 hour70€
Private 5 hours300€
Semi-Private* 1 hour90€*
Semi-Private 5 hours400€*

*Price is for 2 persons in semi-private lessons

*Semi-private means 2 students, 2 sets of equipment, 1 instructor


Pay only 20€ for 1 hour windsurf equipment rental directly after your lesson!


Winging is the newest trend in the foiling world, and we are sure you have heard of it by now. The wing foil is a new way to glide over the water, almost to float – an incredible new feeling for those who are used to the contact of the board with the water. And now we’ve added it to our collection of toys!
Wingfoiling is the logical consequence of surfing, windsurfing, and kiteboarding, or foil kiting. The extraordinary efficiency of the hydrofoil together with the wide range of use and maneuverability of the wing allow you to enjoy this amazing new sport in all conditions, from light to medium-strong wind. The unique feeling of hovering on top of the water has convinced many water sports enthusiasts and the ability to use it in wind as light as 10 knots or even less makes it an especially appealing alternative to other wind sports.

Wingfoil rental price list

1 hour60€
2 hours90€
5 hours card220€
10 hours card400€

Partial rentals

Wing only50% of complete rental
Board with foil70% of complete rental
Board only50% of complete rental

Wingfoil lesson price list

Private 1 hour80€
Private 4 hours card300€
Semi private 1 hour90€*
Semi private 4 hours card340€*

*Price is for 2 persons in semi-private lessons

*Semi-private means 2 students, 1 set of equipment, 1 instructor

Rental terms

By renting from us you agree to our rental terms:



Book 10 hours of kite lessons private
and get an extra hour for free!


Contact us and get an Extra Discount!

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Thalasea Sports Naxos

By renting equipment from us you agree to our rental terms and conditions.

You understand that we can deny, interrupt or end your rental session at any given moment if we consider it unsafe for you to kitesurf/windsurf/wingfoil (e.g.due to changing wind conditions, your behaviour or any other reason).

The equipment can be used only at the main kite beach of Mikri Vigla (in front of our Kite Center) during our opening hours.

The equipment can be used only by the person who is renting it.

You can change equipment within the rental time for the current wind conditions.

Every started hour will be charged as 1fullhour.

Wearing a buoyancy aid during windsurfing activity is mandatory.

Wearing a helmet and buoyancy aid during kitesurfing and wingfoiling activity is mandatory.

You are responsible for any damage to or loss of the equipment that you are using during your rental time. The same goes for any damage to third parties or objects or yourself during your rental time.

No insurance on the equipment is provided. A detailed price list for cost of repair/cost of replacement is available on site.

All rented equipment needs to be packed and returned on the same day by sunset.