Kitesurfing lessons in Naxos

Experienced instructors

Our experienced instructors offer personalized training for all levels of kitesurfing. Additionally, you can learn in one of the best spots in Greece and enjoy top-quality equipment for an unforgettable experience on the water. So, book your kitesurfing lessons in Naxos now and take your skills to the next level while having fun in the beautiful island of Naxos.

Furthermore, Thalasea Sports Naxos is IKO affiliated since 2004, and it is Naxos’ first Kitesurfing Center. Located right in the center of the Mikri Vigla kite beach, it offers the best location for a perfect kitesurfing experience.

We speak your language

All of our packages, from Beginner to Advanced, as well as our Refresher, are based on the official International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) training program and are offered in German, French, English, Italian, Greek and more. Moreover, one of our qualified IKO certified instructors will guide you through a safe and fun kitesurfing lessons that is tailored to your individual needs and adapts to your personal progression speed.

Safety first

Using radio assistance your IKO instructor will be able to give you the right feedback at the right time, allowing you to correct your mistakes instantly and thus advance in the most efficient way possible. Additionally, to ensure the best quality for your kitesurfing lessons in Naxos, we supply you with the latest and safest kiteboarding gear from some of the leading kite brands. We also provide all the rest of the necessary equipment from ION (e.g. wetsuit, harness, helmet, impact vest, etc.) for a hassle-free experience.

Kitesurfing lessons Types

Private (1:1) or semi-private (2:1) ?

Private kitesurfing course means 1 student, 1 kite instructor

Private kitesurfing lessons are the fastest way to learn as you can progress without interruptions and at your own pace. Furthermore, you benefit from the undivided attention of your instructor, keep your individual rhythm and reach your goals faster than you think. As a result, the sense of achievement is as good as guaranteed!

Semi-private* kitesurfing course means 2 students, 1 kite instructor, 1 kite

Semi-private kitesurfing lessons in Mikri Vigla are most suitable for beginner kiters of a similar level and body weight (max. 2 people), except for the first theory session and the first attempts to fly the kite, which can be done regardless of body weight (up to 4 people). Notably, such semi-private or group kitesurfing lessons are a fun activity to try with a friend or family member. During these lessons, the participants take turns controlling the kite, which gives you time to rest in between, to assist each other and to compare experiences.

Private kitesurfing lessons prices

For the first lesson we recommend a session of 2 hours (2 x 65€)
Usually divided into 3 to 4 sessions of 1.5 to 2 hours.

Semi private kitesurfing lessons prices

For 2 persons
We recommend sessions of at least 2 hours (2x75€)
For 2 persons
Usually divided into 3 to 4 sessions of at least 2 hours.
It is important to note that any groups must already be formed at the time of booking. Therefore, individual person pre-bookings for semi-private kitesurfing lessons are not possible.

Get the best quality of teaching

Felix BekkerFelix Bekker
07:43 29 Sep 22
I had a Epic time at the Kite Center Naxos by Thalasea Sports.The communication through the WhatsApp line worked perfect and everything was ready when I got there. Latest gear and all around an epic experience.Thanks to the team!Conditions were a bit choppy and gusty and I also had to navigate past some learners, but all and all a session I would never forget.
Christopher JarcChristopher Jarc
18:11 28 Sep 22
Referring to Webster dictionary and their listing :Total epic awesomeness: noun : Thalasea Sports Kite center Nacos.staff and sport service !Including everyone from the desk help and scheduling, instructing and lessons, being super chill all around and everyone. The number of high fives my 2.5 year old daughter had and gave in the week we were there could have been a Guiness record ! From sun up to sun down - pure positive vibrations and energy. My wife rocked a refresher course and loved it and did super awesome too. A place so chill just leaves with planning the next trip directly there.Stoked to meet everyone and looking forward to seeing everyone next time!Pura vida 🤙🏼
Jean AbillamaJean Abillama
13:36 16 Sep 22
Awesome kite center: has the best setup just by the beach, storage and facilities + a cool bar to work from. Service was excellent, both Jasmin and Andreas were always helpful and available. We even had to have some repair done for our gear and it was ready overnight to ride the next day!
Ralph DeckersRalph Deckers
13:07 26 Jul 22
Knowledgeable and fun people, in a good location with good material, what else do you want? The facilities provided are good, right on the beach. The spot is good for beginners but the more developed kiter will experience this spot is perfect for improving on tricks.
Reid BeckerReid Becker
01:53 22 Jul 22
Best kite school & gear rentals at Mikra Vigla! Can’t thank them enough for our experience. Their instructors were top tier for those doing lessons.I didn’t travel with my own quiver and they recognized I needed reliable gear. They opened up a brand new 9m switchblade for me to rent!🤯This is the first time I’ve ever rented gear I was 100% confident looping on. 🚀🚀 We will be back soon as possible!The spot is epic: clear & warm water with nuking wind. Great food at their restaurant. You can tell they are continually investing in their property to provide a one of kind experience for lessons, rentals, and accommodations.The inside scoop from their instructors who have taught at other local schools is that this one is the best!



Depending on how many hours of kitesurfing lessons you take, you will receive a discount when buying equipment from our shop on site
Minimum of 7 hours private or 12 hours semi-private kitesurfing lessons, get 10% discount on new gear!
Minimum of 12 hours private or 24 hours semi-private kitesurfing lessons, get 15% discount on new gear!
Minimum of 24 hours private, get 25% discount on new gear!
Or up to 50% on used school gear, depending on availability (ask for more info)

What you will learn

IKO Level 1 – Discovery

Usually completed in 2 to 4 hours.

Intro, theory, set-up 4 line kite, safety systems, first piloting and kite control on land, launching and landing.

IKO Level 2 – Intermediate

Usually completed in 4 to 7 hours.

Kite control in the water, water relaunch of the kite, body drags in all directions including upwind for board recovery, kite control and board handling, first water starts.

IKO Level 3 – Independent

Rights of Way, consistent riding in both directions, control riding speed by edging, riding in all directions including upwind, change of direction, toe side turns, first jump

  • Know safe wind directions and conditions for kiting
  • Know hazards on a spot
  • Set up a trainer kite
  • Know the use of safety systems

• Enter and exit the water independently and safely while controlling the kite
• Water re-launch the kite
• First body drag downwind
• Maintain correct kite position in the wind window
• Change direction to the left and right while body dragging
• Recover the kite and bar in the water

• Control the riding speed by edging
• Consistent riding in both directions

We also offer

Kitefoiling Lesson

If you’re an experienced kitesurfer looking for the next new thing to try, hydrofoiling could be the answer. Notably, this activity allows you to make the most of the lighter wind days and experience an all new thrill as you glide along above the water on the smoothest ride of your life. In fact, it is a perfect introduction to the newest form of kitesurfing!

Private kitefoiling lesson with our complete gear, 90€ per hour / 70€ with your own kite.

Refresher class

Has it been a while since you last went kitesurfing? Or maybe you have some previous experience, but you don’t feel confident enough to get out there by yourself yet? In either case, our Refresher is just what you are looking for! Specifically, you can book in for a private session with one of our IKO certified instructors to get you back on track in no time!

Refresher lessons 65€ per hour including equipment

Advanced Coaching

To take your kitesurfing to the next level, you can participate in a radio-assisted, intensive Progression Session. During this session, you can step up your riding game, land new freestyle moves and old school jumps, or try a strapless or a foil board for the first time. Notably, a minimum required IKO level of 3K (riding upwind) is necessary to participate.

  • advanced coaching basic with bbtalk**, + 20€ per hour (65 + 20 = 85€)
  • advanced coaching premium with bbtalk**, +40€ per hour (65 + 40 = 105€)

**About advanced coaching: bbtalk is a 2-way radio system that allows you to not only hear your instructor but also talk back to him/her. For the basic advanced coaching the instructor will stay on land and instruct you from there. For the advanced coaching premium the instructor will join you on the water with his/her own kite.

Supervised Riding Sessions

Supervised riding is available only for riders who have previously done at least 1 hour of private lessons with one of our instructors and are subsequently deemed independent enough to kitesurf on their own, without further radio assistance, under the supervision of one of our team members. However, please note that especially when the kite spot is crowded and/or the wind conditions are extreme (either very strong or very light), supervised riding might not be possible. In this case, we might suggest you take a private lesson instead to ensure maximum safety.

Supervised session 45€ per hour including equipment

IKO certification

Firstly, for independent riders who want to be evaluated and certified, we offer the possibility of an IKO assessment session. During this session, you will have the chance to show proof of your level at any IKO affiliated kite school around the world. Secondly, to be certified as an independent rider, you need to demonstrate specific skills such as riding upwind in all conditions, knowing the ROW rules, launching and landing safely, and handling the kite on the beach. Additionally, you will be expected to show proficiency in body-dragging upwind to retrieve your board. You will receive an IKO Kiteboarder Card (vCard) at the completion of the session.

IKO certification, 45€ including equipment (Duration: max.1 hour)

Rental check

As safety is one of our main priorities, before renting any kite gear from our kite center, every person will have to go through a Rental Check under the supervision of one of our IKO certified instructors. During this session, you will have to prove that you are an independent kiteboarder (IKO level 3K). If you pass the Rental Check, the fee will be deducted from your rental price.

Rental check, 20€ including equipment (Duration: max.30 minutes)
Join us and let us share our passion for these addicting sports and this beautiful place with you. Kitesurf/Windsurf/Wingfoil lessons and rentals available for all levels, from April till November
Kitesurfing lessons in Naxos

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT on rentals (Kitesurf / Windsurf / Wingfoil) :

Book at least 45 days in advance and get 10% discount!


1 hour for free: Book 12 hours of kite lessons (privat- or semi-private)
and get an extra hour for free!


7 hours (private or semiprivate) at a reduced rate!

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