Rent the perfect size Duotone kitesurf and board for the day’s conditions!

If you are an independent rider you can leave your own equipment at home and rent brand new Duotone kitesurf gear from our Kite Center instead. With our kitesurf rental package you will have a as different sizes and kinds of boards (Twin type, directional and foil board). ION Wetsuits, harnesses, impact vests and helmets are included in the rental package.

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Kitesurf Rental Price list summer 2024

Full equipment rental:

These prices include kite, bar, safety leash, twintip or directional board, helmet, buoyancy aid, harness, wetsuit.

1 hour55€
2 hours75€
1.5 + 1.5 hours100€
1 day120€
2 days210€
Every additional day+70€
7 days550€
Every additional day+60€
10 days700€
Every additional day+50€
14 days850€
Every additional day+40€
21 days1100€
1 hour55€
2 hours75€
1.5 + 1.5 hours100€
1 day120€
2 days210€
7 days550€
10 days700€
14 days850€
21 days1100€

For shared* equipment rental we charge the price times 1,5

*)2 people share the equipment, but never use it at the same time. 

Full Kite foil equipment rental with helmet and buoyancy aid

This price includes kite, bar, Safety Leash, foilboard, helmet, buoyancy aid, harness, wetsuit. 

  • 1 hour
  • 70€
  • Extra hour
  • +30€

Kite-Foil Board Only

This price only includes board, helmet and buoyancy aid. 

  • 1 hour
  • 50€
  • Extra hour
  • +20€

Specific and partial equipment rental

1 day7 days
Wetsuit shorty6€30€
Wetsuit Long10€50€
Impact vest10€50€
Kite bar25€125€
Twintip kite board35€175€
Directional kite board40€200€
Kite with bar**96€440€
1 day7 days
Impact vest10€50€
Kite bar25€125€
kite board
kite board
Kite with bar**96€440€

** Includes helmet and buoyancy aid

Rental Check


The rental of kitesurf equipment is permitted only after you pass the Rental Check under the supervision of one of our qualified staff members.

To pass the Rental Check you shoul be a confident, independent kitesurfer (minimum IKO Level 3k).

The fee (20€) for the Rental check is to be paid before the rental and is non-refundable.

The Rental Check is part of your rental time and should not take longer than 30 minutes.

If you pass the Rental Check the fee will be deducted from the rental price.

If you do not pass the Rental Check we will keep the fee and will recommend you take a lesson with one of our qualified instructors (subject to availability) with the aim to help you reach the necessary level for renting equipment.

Rental Terms

By renting from us you agree to our rental terms:


If you would like to travel with your own equipment we offer an equipment storage service directly on site. This is a collective storage, not an individual one. That means it is a shared room within the building of our Kite Center where our customers can store their equipment. The storage room is open only during our working hours, which during high season is from 9 am (or earlier) till sunset.
Prices are per person and include the use of our facilities (toilets, shower, sweet water for rinsing, drying line for wet stuff).

1 day10€
7 days60€
Extra day10€
12 to 14 days110€
Extra day10€
18 to 21 days150€


*)not applicable to partial gear rental
Depending on how many days you rent for, you will receive a discount when buying equipment from our surf shop.
Rent for 7 days, get a 5% discount on new kite gear!
Rent for 14 days, get a 10% discount on new kite gear!
Rent for 21 days and up, get a 15% discount on new kite gear!

Get the best equipment


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Kitefoil lesson

If you’re an experienced kitesurfer looking for the next new thing to try, hydrofoiling could be the answer. Make the most of the lighter wind days and experience an all new thrill as you glide along above the water on the smoothest ride of your life. A perfect introduction to the newest form of kitesurfing! Good to know: The best conditions for your first try at kitefoiling are with steady wind of about 15 to 20 knots.

Private kitefoiling lesson with complete gear rental: 90€ per hour / with partial gear rental (you use your own kite) : 70€ per hour.


Has it been a while since you last went kitesurfing? Or maybe you have some previous experience, but you don’t feel confident enough to get out there by yourself yet? Our Refresher is just what you are looking for! Book in for a private session with one of our IKO certified instructors to get you back on track in no time!

80€ per hour including equipment



Take your kitesurfing to the next level with a radio-assisted, intensive Progression Session. Step up your riding game, land new freestyle moves and old school jumps, try a strapless board or a foil board for the first time. Minimum required IKO level: 3K (riding upwind)

Advanced coaching premium with bbtalk**, +40€ per hour

**About advanced coaching: bbtalk is a 2-way radio system that allows you to not only hear your instructor but also talk back to him/her. For the advanced coaching premium the instructor will join you on the water with his/her own kite.


Supervised Riding Sessions

Supervised riding is available only for riders who have previously done at least 1 hour of private lessons with one of our instructors and are subsequently deemed independent enough to kitesurf on their own, without further radio assistance, under the supervision of one of our team members. Please note that, especially when the kite spot is crowded and/or the wind conditions are extreme (either very strong or very light) , supervised riding might not be possible, in which case we might suggest you take a private lesson instead to ensure maximum safety.

60€ per hour including equipment


IKO Certification

For independent riders who would like to get an evaluation of their riding skills and be able to show proof of their level at any IKO affiliated kite school around the world, we offer the possibility of an IKO assessment session. To be certified as an independent rider some of the required skills are: Riding upwind in all conditions, know the ROW rules, launching and landing, safe handling of the kite on the beach, body-drag upwind to retrieve your board. You will receive an IKO Kiteboarder Card (vCard) at the completion of the session.

60€ including equipment (Duration: max.1 hour)
Kitesurf Windsurf Wingfoil Naxos
Kitesurf Windsurf Wingfoil Naxos



Book 10 hours of kite lessons private
and get an extra hour for free!


Contact us and get an Extra Discount!

Or click here –> Kite supervision price list

Thalasea Sports Naxos

By renting equipment from us you agree to our rental terms and conditions.

You understand that we can deny, interrupt or end your rental session at any given moment if we consider it unsafe for you to kitesurf/windsurf/wingfoil (e.g.due to changing wind conditions, your behaviour or any other reason).

The equipment can be used only at the main kite beach of Mikri Vigla (in front of our Kite Center) during our opening hours.

The equipment can be used only by the person who is renting it.

You can change equipment within the rental time for the current wind conditions.

Every started hour will be charged as 1fullhour.

Wearing a buoyancy aid during windsurfing activity is mandatory.

Wearing a helmet and buoyancy aid during kitesurfing and wingfoiling activity is mandatory.

You are responsible for any damage to or loss of the equipment that you are using during your rental time. The same goes for any damage to third parties or objects or yourself during your rental time.

No insurance on the equipment is provided. A detailed price list for cost of repair/cost of replacement is available on site.

All rented equipment needs to be packed and returned on the same day by sunset.