Frequently Ask Questions

There is no difference. When kiters use these terms they all mean the same thing!

The short answer is: Yes, anyone can kite! Any person of any age*, weight*, height, gender and fitness level can learn to kite, provided they are in good physical health and feel comfortable in the water.
* The Greek Marine Law states that the minimum age for children is 14 years old.
* Recommended minimum body weight should be 35Kg

Kiteboarding is often characterized as an extreme sport, but it’s really up to you whether you make it extreme or not.
Most accidents happen due to lack of knowledge. And that is where we come in! During a guided session with the latest top quality material you will acquire the necessary know-how to practice this fascinating sport in the safest way possible. So if you ask us, Kitesurfing is not dangerous at all and it’s possible to do for everybody.

There is one main danger though, Kiteboarding is highly addictive!

Especially during high season it is best to make a reservation to secure yourself a spot in our busy schedule. Book now!

Please book at least one week before your arrival date, preferably earlier.  You can contact us directly on WhatsApp & Messenger or through our Book Now button.

You should bring sun protection (e.g.sunscreen, sun glasses, a long-sleeve lycra shirt, a hat), drinking water and, most importantly, your Smile!  Worried you might forget something? You can also buy all these things at our on-site kite shop.

All the rest of the necessary equipment (wetsuit, helmet etc.) is included in the price.

Ideally you should be there at least 15 minutes before your scheduled session starts, so that we can welcome you and get you geared up and ready in time and you can ask any questions might have.

The time of your scheduled session will depend on availability and wind conditions. Generally we teach in two hour blocks starting from 9 in the morning (sometimes earlier) till sunset. By booking in advance you can secure your preferred time slot in our schedule.

Please know that kitesurfing is not a sport you will learn in just a couple of hours. As a complete beginner you will most likely not get into the water with the kite during your first training session. You can expect your first contact with the water while in control of  a kite during your second session, whereas anything board related is most likely to happen in session number three or later. For more details about the content of your training you can scroll down to the IKO levels on this page.

Just like learning how to drive a car or learning how to ski, any learning process is highly individual. It also depends on what your goal is. If you only want to get those very first sensations of flying a kite on the beach a session of two hours can be enough. However if you are looking to acquire all the necessary skills to safely control a kite on and off the water and get to ride the board you should plan a minimum of three to four sessions to get you there. And that still doesn’t mean you will be an independent rider by the end of that. There is no fast track in kiteboarding…be patient and it will all be worth it in the end!

For those who have done it before but need some more practice or those who are not sure whether they wat to commit to earning this sport we recommend our 7 hour package. If you are a complete beginner but you are serious about learning kitesurfing, our 13 hour package is a great start.

Lessons at Thalasea Sports are charged by the hour (65€ per hour of private lesson, 75€ for semi-private), but the most common lesson durations are 1.5 to 2 hours, rarely more. If you do a session of 1.5 hours that is what you will pay for. Setup and pack down times are included in the lesson time. If you book one of our packages (7 hours or 13 hours) you can save up to one whole hours worth. Follow this link to see the complete lesson price list.

You can pay cash or credit card.

We are open from April till November. Opening hours during low season are variable depending on demand and wind conditions. During high season we are here for you from 9 in the morning (sometimes earlier) until sunset! Outside of these hours you can contact us through Whatsapp, Messenger or give us a call.

Yes, you will receive an IKO Certification card (vCard), which states the level you will have reached by that moment.

This vCard is recognized in many kite centers around the world. Unlike with other sports, like diving for example, this card is not compulsory to rent equipment or take an advanced kitesurfing lesson at a kite center. Instead, most kite centers will check your level before allowing to rent equipment from them.

Because we care about safety we only rent out to independent riders who are able to stay upwind (come back at the same or higher point from where you started) and can manage flying a kite safely on and off the water. To ensure that these criteria are met you will have to pass our Rental Check before being cleared for kite equipment rental.

Naxos is worth a visit any time of the year , as this island is blessed with many windy days. You can expect the best combination of wind and warm temperatures from June to September. If you like it a little more quiet and cooler and are on a lower budget, you should definitely consider planning your visit to Naxos im April/May or October/November.

We are the only kite center to be located right in the center of Naxos’ most popular kite beach. The beach is really called Parthena Beach (named after the church on the little island right in front of it), but you will hear everybody just call it Mikri Vigla. Since we are not located on the main road you will have to keep your eyes open for our Thalasea signs and flags and our white beach tower. When you come from the main town along the seaside road just after Orkos, you will find the kite beach, Keep driving a little further, then take the first road on your right and then right again until the end of the road. And here we are, right on the beach, waiting for you! For a detailed view on the map check this link or click the location pin at the top left of the page!

The best months, with more than 85% of windy days, are from June until October. The predominant wind in Greece is a strong North wind which hits our kite spot from a side onshore direction.
The average wind speed is around 20-25 knots, usually increasing throughout the day before dropping towards the end of the day. The most commonly used kite sizes are between 7 and 10m2, depending on your body weight, wind speed and skills. Check our Spot Info for more.

If you prefer to bring some of your own gear, the most commonly used kite sizes are from 7 to 12m2, in combination with a 135 board for a 75 kg person.
Keep in mind that there might be some hours of the day when the wind exceeds 30 knots, which calls for even smaller kites, especially if you are using a waveboard, as well as the occasional light wind day or the early mornings that can be suitable for bigger kite and board sizes or even to go hydrofoiling.
If you would rather leave your equipment at home, we offer rental equipment (kite sizes 5m2-13m2 and boards between 132cm and 150cm; directional and foil boards for advanced riders), as well as ION accessories ( wetsuits, harnesses, helmets, impact vests). Check our Advanced Rental for more information.

Thalasea Bar – Restaurant

Restaurant and Bar with great atmosphere

For real nice Food, great atmosphere and the best views of the beach you can check out Thalasea Restaurant. Our restaurant situated right on the beach at the Kite Centre. Thalasea is not just a restaurant, it’s where everybody goes during the day to relax and meet up before or after a kite session.

From Espresso to Freddo-Cappuccino’s, our barista will get you happily caffeinated. You also try our fresh juices, smoothies with the best local flavors.

The chef is always happy to make you a great lunch or dinner.
Check our Menu for more.



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