Kitesurf Kurse

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Kurse für jede Könnensstufe – vom absoluten Anfänger bis zum Fortgeschrittenen.
Auffrischer, Strapless, Kite Foil – wir haben die passende Lösung.
Personalisierter Unterricht, der auf Deine Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten ist,
zertifizierte Lehrer(innen),
mehrere Unterrichtssprachen, Funkunterstützung für ein optimales Lernerlebnis, hohe Sicherheitsstandards, neueste Ausrüstung und gute Stimmung!

Kitesurf Verleih

1 WOCHE AB 550€

Du hast eigenes Material und überlegst ob Du es mit nach Naxos nehmen sollst? Und wenn ja, welche Größen sollen mit??
Für erfahrene, unabhängige Kitesurfer(innen) bieten wir brandneue DUOTONE-Ausrüstung zum Verleih an.
Lass Dein sperriges Kitegepäck zu Hause und miete stattdessen Kites aus unserem Duotone-Sortiment von 5 m bis 13 m, da ist für fast jede Windstärke das Richtige dabei!



Zurück zu dem Ort, an dem alles begann!
Wer seit Jahren nach Naxos kommt, der weiß es:
Mikri Vigla wurde als Windsurf-Spot geboren, und wir sind der Meinung, dass man das nicht vergessen darf.
Deshalb findet Ihr exklusiv bei uns Windsurf-Ausrüstung zum Verleih.
Dieses Jahr haben wir wieder aufgestockt, also freut Euch auf neue Windsurf Segel und Boards in verschiedenen Größen!



Was ist Wingfoilen?
Wenn Du es noch nie ausprobiert oder noch nichtmal davon gehört hast, dann ist es jetzt an der Zeit!
Wingen ist die neueste Ergänzung zu unserem Angebot an Windsportarten.
Es eignet sich am besten für die leichteren Windtage in Mikri Vigla als Alternative zum Kitesurfen oder Windsurfen. Bei uns kannst Du es lernen oder, wenn Du es schon kannst, auch einfach Material ausleihen!

Thalasea Sports Center Naxos

Seit 1997

Thalaseasports Naxos gehört seit 2004 zur offiziellen Liste der IKO-Kitecenter. Die Internationale Kiteboarding Organisation (IKO) ist die größte Kiteboarding Organisation der Welt. Die IKO hat inzwischen eine aktive Community von mehr als 100,000 registrierten Kitern, 4,000 qualifizierten Kitelehrern und 250 Mitgliedsschulen in über 60 Ländern.

Beste Unterrichtsqualität

Kite Center Naxos by Thalasea Sports

4.9Out of 5 stars

Overall rating out of 254 Google reviews

azin moradi
vor einem Monat

They are the best in Mikri Vigla. Experienced instructors for different levels and the only school there with a rescue boat ready on the beach. Jasmine and Andreas that manage the school are both experienced instructors who have been working in Mikri Vigla for years and know how to help and always have the best suggestions. Wish you guys the best and see you next year.

Edoardo Ghiraldini
vor einem Monat

Migliore scuola Kite a Naxos. Jasmine e Nicolas sono due persone professionali e competenti, di una disponibilità estrema. Ho utilizzato la scuola per noleggio vela e tavola, oltre che per mangiare al ristorante di ottima qualità, ci andavamo anche nelle giornate senza kite perché è buonissimo. Stra consigliato a tutti!

vor einem Monat

Super endroit pour le Windsurf, spot venté, un peu technique avec le clapot Très bon accueil Très bon matériel voile, Duotone

Stefan Oberstein
vor einem Monat

Ganz spontan habe ich mir am Thalasea Kite Center Equipment für eine Kite Session geliehen. Ging super einfach und reibungslos, Material in Top Zustand. Preislich etwas günstiger, als die andere Station dort und auch günstiger als Paros. Sehr schönes Restaurant, ich hoffe, nächstes Mal etwas mehr Zeit zu haben um dort nach der Session etwas Essen und relaxen zu können.

Cam Milsey
vor einem Monat

Really good setup. On the beach, good gear, friendly and very capable team. Had a great end of season week. Great place to chill before or after a session, and nothing like having a beer or lunch in the deck right after a session. Highly recommended.

Gerard T. Dorf
vor einem Monat

Great team, very nice and helpfull, super kitespot, spent really good time in the air with 2 turtles in the blue water.

Katrin Hütter
vor einem Monat

Tolle Kiteschule direkt am Kitespot. Sehr gute und freundliche Kommunikation. Habe eine Lesson gebucht und anschließend den Verleih genutzt. Habe mich gut betreut gefühlt, immer Hilfe beim Starten und Landen bekommen sowie gute Tipps. Habe mich sehr wohl gefühlt. 🙂

Julius Massenkeil
vor einem Monat

Bei dieser sehr gut organisierten Kite-Schule an einem traumhaft-windigen Strand wird man sowohl als erfahrener Kitesurfer als auch als Anfänger wie mich von kompetenten und gelassenen Kite-Lehrern unterrichtet. Nach dem Kiten kann man im hauseigenen Restaurant mit Drinks die Sonne genießen. Es hat mir sehr viel Spaß gemacht und ich komme gerne wieder.

Jutta Rumpf
vor einem Monat

Sehr guter Unterricht mit klarer und mutbringender Ansage von Melina, auch wenn es sehr windig war für einen Anfänger

Trevor laehy
vor einem Monat

great gear, super helpful, the experience very good.

רונה זליט
vor einem Monat

This place was one of our favourite places in Naxos! The stuff in the surfing shop was welcoming and professional, and the prices were good and fair. The restaurant had the best food and atmosphere with a lot of options in the menu

Kilian Gasse
vor 5 Monaten

1 week of kitesurfing with this school and tried different format (course, supervision and renting) and all went smoothly. The staff is really nice, helpful and joyful. Material was good quality and the prices were fair. I always felt accompanied along the way so I highly recommend

Maureen Suter
vor 2 Monaten

Excellent experience with Thalasea! The center is right on the beach with a lovely bar/restaurant attached.The team there is sincere, friendly, professional, and adaptable. Very easy to contact and communicate with from abroad, very responsive and accommodating. They use a walkie talkie system attached to helmet so that I was getting regular feedback and advice throughout the entire session which was great. Conditions were solidly windy with some gusts and lightly choppy waters - excellent for advancing your skills. For the total beginner will make other flat water destinations seem easy breezy! Thank you to the whole Thalasea team for such a memorable time, hope to kite with you again in the future!

Christopher Jarc
vor einem Jahr

Referring to Webster dictionary and their listing : Total epic awesomeness: noun : Thalasea Sports Kite center Nacos.staff and sport service ! Including everyone from the desk help and scheduling, instructing and lessons, being super chill all around and everyone. The number of high fives my 2.5 year old daughter had and gave in the week we were there could have been a Guiness record ! From sun up to sun down - pure positive vibrations and energy. My wife rocked a refresher course and loved it and did super awesome too. A place so chill just leaves with planning the next trip directly there. Stoked to meet everyone and looking forward to seeing everyone next time! Pura vida

Rodolphe Lemasquerier
vor einem Monat

We spent a really nice time around this club / school. My friend could take lessons with really good teachers, and I used the storage. We enjoyed the well positioned restaurant to rest between sessions. And a special shout out to Giovani for the special course to improve my jumps Hope to come back soon !

vor 2 Monaten

Super pleasant vibe and lovely owners. Very fair prices for rent and lessons. The attached bar leaves nothing to be desired. Amazing team! The spot is super nice and makes your heart beat faster with clear water and light choppy waves. Highest recommendation.

Jean-Marie Rousset
vor 3 Monaten

A very beautifully beach on a very nice and welcoming Cyclades Island, and a world-class kite spot: 20 knots side-shore, fairly steady from 10 am to 7 pm (light waves no shore break). The Thalasea kite school and rental is very professionally run: safety is taken very seriously, staff is nice and competent, equipment is great… this is a very good location to learn or to enjoy kite (there are also a few wings and many windsurfs). The bar restaurant next to the club is totally convenient with an excellent view on the beach. With such a nice setup the spot gets little (too) busy at times but we visited mid-August. This is not a concern for good riders who can quickly get outside of the crowd, and the learning area is fairly well organized. Thanks a lot to Andrea, Melina, René, Jacques, Giovanni, Yasmina, Pascal… we had a great time.

Felipe Spinel
vor 2 Monaten

We had such a nice time here that we extended our stay for another week. The staff were super friendly and helpful, and the vibe was exactly what we needed for a fantastic couple weeks off.

Reid Becker
vor einem Jahr

Best kite school & gear rentals at Mikra Vigla! Can’t thank them enough for our experience. Their instructors were top tier for those doing lessons. I didn’t travel with my own quiver and they recognized I needed reliable gear. They opened up a brand new 9m switchblade for me to rent! This is the first time I’ve ever rented gear I was 100% confident looping on. We will be back soon as possible! The spot is epic: clear & warm water with nuking wind. Great food at their restaurant. You can tell they are continually investing in their property to provide a one of kind experience for lessons, rentals, and accommodations. The inside scoop from their instructors who have taught at other local schools is that this one is the best!

Fran Denny
vor 4 Monaten

This is an exceptional kite school - Jasmin, Andreas and team are very knowledgeable, kind and really supportive for all levels of kiting. They are also connected to an amazing restaurant with some of the best food on Naxos & have a delightful shop full of well designed merch and top notch equipment. Definitely go here - it’s absolutely fabulous.

Great school if you really want to learn kitesurfing (not just how to ride on a flat water lagoon). Jasmin was super welcoming and accommodate our lessons based on our own schedule. Both our teachers were amazing. They gave us great tips to progress in strapless and twin tip. I would highly recommend the spot of Mikri Vigla as well. It’s not an easy spot but it really teaches you everything. Body drag from the beach, deep water, choppy waters and sometimes a little gusty wind.

A Chr
vor 2 Monaten

We couldnt have asked for a better kite school. Classes are available in many different languages. The kite equipment is great. The school is right at the beach and a restaurant is also right next to it. We just loved it. Thank you Jasmin for the very good organization and easy communication. Thank you Joanna for the great lessons - we learned a lot and had a lot of fun. We would love to return next summer!

vor 5 Monaten

Great experience with Thalasea Kite Center for 10 days during June 2023. Kids had fun and learned quickly. Great location, modern and well organized, awesome trainers who go the extra mile and really put tremendous personal effort. Excellent communication, lovely restaurant and staff who became friends! Thanks Jasmin, Melina, Nick & Pascal - looking so much forward to our return!

Andrea Cossa
vor 2 Monaten

We had no previous experience in surfing sports and we had our first wing foil class here. Even though it was tough to get started, we enjoyed it a lot and had a great time learning! Very professional and friendly team. Definitely would go back for more classes and totally recommended 🙂

Ines Rousset
vor 2 Monaten

Great experience with qualified and nice kiting teachers, and security taken very seriously. Truly recommend this kiting school if you are in Naxos !

Jean Abillama
vor einem Jahr

Awesome kite center: has the best setup just by the beach, storage and facilities + a cool bar to work from. Service was excellent, both Jasmin and Andreas were always helpful and available. We even had to have some repair done for our gear and it was ready overnight to ride the next day!

Lilla Zelenyánszki
vor 3 Monaten

Excellent location, very kind and helpful staff, lovely restaurant, and of course good wind (pretty much then we expected). We hired a 5 m2 kite because of the strong wind, latest gear, worth it. We definitely come back!

Jeroen Bach
vor 2 Monaten

Great place to kite and friendly staff. I took some lessons and they use walkie-talkies (attached to the helmets) to give you live and direct feedback while you’re kiting! Really cool, I learned so much in such a short period of time. And they have a nice bar/restaurant too

Push It
vor einem Jahr

Ein super Kite Center! Andrea hat einen guten Überblick über den Strand und seine Schüler, Safety wird hier wichtig genommen. Gute Spot Einweisung, Rescue boot vorhanden und einsatzfähig 🙂 Ich hatte nur Kite Rental und war sehr zufrieden. Wunderschöne Lage direkt am Strand, gutes Material, super Facilities mit Dusche, Material Hütte, griechisches Restaurant mit Bar, Bean bags, Lounge chairs und gutem Essen!

Jakob Breinl
vor 5 Monaten

Super friendly and experienced kitesurfing instructors (Melina, Andreas). They can find the details which matter and explain very well. The bar/restaurant offers drinks and delicious dishes. The menu is not too big (what I appreciate) and changes almost every day.

Matt Ashworth
vor 3 Monaten

Great spot, great bar and restaurant. Great kite surfing! We had a fantastic experience with a week of lessons. Lovely team of people. Recommended!

Ralph Deckers
vor einem Jahr

Knowledgeable and fun people, in a good location with good material, what else do you want? The facilities provided are good, right on the beach. The spot is good for beginners but the more developed kiter will experience this spot is perfect for improving on tricks.

This was a great spot for my daughter and I to learn kite boarding the staff were very friendly and helpful at all stages. really chilled out place and a cold beer and good food was great after our lessons we highly recommend this place. thanks to all the staff, Chloe & Stephen

Georgios Skantzaris
vor 2 Monaten

Excellent Kite Surfing Center, good equipment, serious professionals and excellent teachers! Highly recommended if you wish to learn how to Kite Surf with safety and in rightful manner!

Danny Schweiger
vor 2 Monaten

I committed to 5 days lessons for the 1st time ever rather than 1 day every year and I have to say I got really lucky with Nicolas who as well as being an incredible teacher and extremely knowledgeable he also had a brilliant mix of empathy whilst being tough with me at the same time . He made me believe and ultimately he got me to a good level. I am looking forward to kite surfing in Naxos with Thalassa Sports again

Vanessa Vogt
vor 4 Monaten

Ein wirklich tolles und sehr zu empfehlendes Kite Center auf Naxos! Von Anfang an wurden wir herzlich empfangen und super beraten. Die Kitelehrer sind alle sehr kompetent und freundlich! Vielen Dank an Jasmin, Andreas und das gesamte Thalasea Team! ☺️

Jul Eko
vor 5 Monaten

What I value the most in our sport is this nice feeling of being part of a community where everyone is looking after eachother on the beach. Unfortunately in some places this has been forgotten but definitely not in Thalasea : my wife and I were there last week and I got the very poor idea of forgetting fins of our boards at home and the team there just did their best to help us enjoy our stay in Naxos. They looked for the best match for my wife's twintip , borrowed me some brandy new surf fins and had some spared one delivered within 24hr. The place is great and have everything you need: storage, shower, bar, restaurant, shop, school, ... Everything is on the best spot of the island and if the forecast allow it, the team will tell you where to go for wave surfing and probably go there with you. I had also my first kitefoil experience with them, I highly recommend it. We will comeback for sure.

Nathalie A.
vor 5 Monaten

Lovely place and lovely people; I totally recommend this place for taking kitesurf lessons or renting. The owners, Yasmin and Andreas, are very nice; they always took time to talk to us after or before our lessons and gave us additional tips. My teacher, Melina, was also great; she was very patient and sweet. She paid attention to safety while keeping it fun. Melina also gave us a morning yoga lesson, which was a great addition to kitesurfing. I would 100% come back.

klemen kastrevc
vor 4 Monaten

Good instructors, my gf really loved Melina, Nicolas was a bit stricter but also good. Altogether the staff was very nice. The beach is perfect for a beginnner.

Petra Schwer
vor 3 Monaten

Tolle Kiteschule, angefangen beim ersten Kontakt von zu Hause aus, zum herzlichen Empfang vor Ort und bis hin zum fantastischen Teaching unserer 14-jährigen Tochter durch Melina. Wir sind rundum happy über die Fortschritte, welche in den paar Tagen erzielt wurden, wow. Nur zu Empfehlen, so auch der Spot. Wir kommen gerne wieder. Danke an das ganze Team!

Becky Martin
vor 5 Monaten

Awesome kite center - really well organized with lovely owners and a great setup. Would definitely recommend if you haven’t got your own gear - good prices and super easy. Also right next door an excellent restaurant / bar ❤️❤️

Massimo Bianchi
vor 2 Monaten

Perfect spot, very kind staff and good food.

Gabriella Melberg
vor 2 Monaten

Wonderful experience! The staff was very friendly and the place + the beach is very beautiful with a nice bar and cool community. Would love to come back!

Felix Bekker
vor einem Jahr

I had a Epic time at the Kite Center Naxos by Thalasea Sports. The communication through the WhatsApp line worked perfect and everything was ready when I got there. Latest gear and all around an epic experience. Thanks to the team! Conditions were a bit choppy and gusty and I also had to navigate past some learners, but all and all a session I would never forget.

Michael Kugler
vor 4 Monaten

Toller und sicherer Kitestrand, ein freundliches und kompetentes Kite Center Team bietet mehrsprachige Schulungen, ins Herz geschlossen habe ich das Barteam. Kurzum: Wir kommen wieder, 5*Wohlfühlfaktor!!!

steve gabbert
vor 6 Monaten

Great place to learn kite boarding - perfect location, great instructors and staff. Right on the beach in a perfect spot. It was a great experience and I hope to come back again !!

Bestes Material



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Unser Standort auf Naxos

Thalasea Beach Bar-Restaurant

Direkt am Strand…

Wir haben das Glück uns an einem der schönsten Standorte Europas zu befinden, Mikri Vigla auf der wunderschönen Insel Naxos in Griechenland.

Thalasea Beach Bar und Restaurant erwartet Euch in unmittelbarer Nähe zum Meer, Ihr müsst nichtmal die Straße überqueren!

Von April bis November , morgens, mittags und abends, jeden Tag geöffnet.

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