Naxos is a natural playground for kiteboarders and windsurfers thanks to its wide, shallow bay and the meltem, a seasonal climatic system that creates great wind throughout the summer, from May-September, but often in October too. The meltem wind is strong and stable – great for kiteboarders and windsurfers! It’s reliable too, with over 25 windy days a month during the summer.

In summer, the meltem wind starts like clockwork at 10-11 am, strengthening during the afternoon to 5-6 Beaufort, before dying out at sunset. But it is not uncommon for the wind to get up to 5-7 Beaufort, and continue blowing day and night for a week or more. Small sail & kite days!

We recommend June, July, August & September for Windsurfing & kiteboarding in Naxos, when the wind is good and the weather is great! In June & September we will discount course & rental prices by 10%.

About Naxos

Naxos combines golden sands with the mountain beauty. Large enough to be explored, Naxos promises you unforgettable holidays. Due to its size and fertility, Naxos, is one of the most self-sufficient islands of Cyclades, with its own production of agricultural and dairy products. The famous Naxian cheese, potatoes and citrus are just a small example of them. An ideal island for relaxed vacations, Naxos is combining the characteristic colours of Cyclades islands with the perfect climate and the beautiful natural elements. On this island you can meet the tallest mountain of the Cyclades islands but you will also come across many welcoming fertile valleys. One thing that will impress you and that will surely remain in your memories is the open and welcoming spirits of the locals, their hospitality and their peaceful temperament. You will feel welcomed anywhere you go and for a few days you will be a part of a particular community of warm traditional people that constitute the greatest beauties in Naxos.

There are many interesting sights and great beaches on Naxos Island and plenty of other