There are plenty of other activities in Naxos on those rare days when the wind isn’t blowing or if you are looking for something else to do.

Thalasea Cafe!
Right on the beach, open for brunch, lunch, cocktails and dinner. Relax in our lounge area for a drink, or watch the sunset over the water at dinner time. With a friendly international staff, and regular food and drinks specials Thalasea cafe is the perfect ‘local’ for your Naxos holiday.

Thalasea Surfshop!!
Summer is on its way…at Thalasea Surf Shop you can find great collections of beach wear, bikinies, wetsuits, lifestyle clothing, accessories, gifts.

Make it real, in the crystal clear waters of Naxos Island. Grab the opportunity to become a scuba diver and dive into a great adventure. Experience the deep blue water of Naxos where according to mythology, Zeus, king of gods, grew up. Highly experienced instructors combined with premier scuba diving facilities on Naxos Island offer a full range of training courses and dive packages for qualified divers and beginners.

People who love to explore will find Naxos a paradise. There are dozens of paths spread all over the island which lead to undiscovered areas, orchards, abandoned areas and historical monuments. Discover the scenic and cultural attractions of the wonderful island through hikes. It will be an unforgettable and impressive experience! Get to know more about the history, the people and the vegetation of her island. Hiking guides who developed an extensive offer of hiking tours over the years to fulfill your needs are available.

Horse Riding
Explore Naxos Island and the wonderful beaches on horseback. Naxos offers marvellous possibilities to witness a dreamlike and unforgettable experience on the back of a horse. Let your soul calm down, enjoy the views from the hills over the endless white beaches, ride on sandy paths along olive-plantations and seize the opportunity to go for a swim towards the sunset on horseback.

Sailing Trip
The island of Naxos is in the center of the Aegean Sea. The ones of you that love sailing trips will find here the most ideal scenery. You will discover isolated beaches and picturesque bays, all around the island. Two professional skippers organize sailing trips with their boats, either around the island or to the nearest islands.

Because Naxos is located in the middle of Cyclades Islands, is ideal for day trips or a yacht chartering.

Naxos is full of dozens of dirt roads and trades and small, asphalted roads that offer unique routes for cycling enthuasiasts. The coastal area on the southwestern coast stretching from Agia Anna to Kastraki is an excellent choice. The more adventurous cyclist can try the route from Sagri to the bay of Agiassos. The mountainous part of Naxos offers beautiful routes for those who wish to test their cycling abilities. Organised biking tours (beach, valleys, mountain, villages) are available.

About Naxos

Naxos combines golden sands with the mountain beauty. Large enough to be explored, Naxos promises you unforgettable holidays. Due to its size and fertility, Naxos, is one of the most self-sufficient islands of Cyclades, with its own production of agricultural and dairy products. The famous Naxian cheese, potatoes and citrus are just a small example of them. An ideal island for relaxed vacations, Naxos is combining the characteristic colours of Cyclades islands with the perfect climate and the beautiful natural elements. On this island you can meet the tallest mountain of the Cyclades islands but you will also come across many welcoming fertile valleys. One thing that will impress you and that will surely remain in your memories is the open and welcoming spirits of the locals, their hospitality and their peaceful temperament. You will feel welcomed anywhere you go and for a few days you will be a part of a particular community of warm traditional people that constitute the greatest beauties in Naxos.

There are many interesting sights and great beaches on Naxos Island and plenty of other