Refresher classes

Has it been a while since you last went kitesurfing? Or maybe you have been on a kiteboarding course already but you don’t feel confident yet?

Our refresher lessons are just what you need! Book in for a group or private session and an IKO kitesurf instructor will help you improve quickly. For more information or to book


Take your kitesurfing to the next level with an intensive Progression Session tailored to your individual needs. Learn new freestyle moves, old school jumps or simply improve your riding style.

Minimum riding level: up-wind

Group Sessions & Private 1:1

Assisted riding session

Feeling worried about kitesurfing with new equipment? Or maybe it has been a while since you last kitesurfed… Book an Assisted Riding Session and let one of our IKO instructors help you launch and land the kite and have a safe kitesurf session. Our kitesurf instructor will give you tips and help you improve your riding.

What do you want to learn next?

Stylish riding – Toeside, blindside, transitions
Big Air – Grabs, one foot, board offs, rotations
New School – Ralley, sbend, blinds, handlepass
Powered riding – Kite loops, mega-loop

Advanced clinics

Group and private kitesurf clinics are available to help you learn advanced kitesurfing techniques, jumps and tricks.

Progression prices

Group Session (2 students max)
2 hours – 80 € per person

Private Session (1:1)
1 hours – 80 €

Kitesurfing Course Prices

Group lessons (2 students max)
1 session / 2 hrs: 80 €

Private lessons
80 € per hour

Assisted Riding Session:
40 € per hour

Kitesurf Pack
10% off
10 hours group
360 €
10 hours private
720 €

Work on your jumps and tricks with an IKO instructor