Our IKO kitesurf instructors teach you how to control the kite and give you a thorough understanding of the kitesurf equipment and safety systems. No previous experience is required.

IKO level 1 can usually be completed in 1/2 sessions of 2 hours.

Our prices include all the equipment, kite / board / wetsuit / harness / impact vest / helmet / radio system and of course a friendly and experienced kite instructor.

Thalasea KITEsurfing Course
Kitesurfing Course Prices
Level 1A Determine safe conditions for launch site and identify potential hazards. Set-up the trainer kite.Group lessons
(2 students max)
1 session, 2 hrs
80 € per pers
Level 1B Launch and land the trainer kite with an assistant.Demonstrate basic flying skills with trainer kite.Walk and change directions with the trainer kite.Private lessons

80 € per hour

Level 1CSet-up the kite and run pre-flight checks.
Understand the international communication signs.
Assist launching and landing kites.
Kitesurf Pack
10% off
10 hours group
360 €
10 hours private
720 €
Level 1DControl the kite hooked into the harness.Understand the kite’s depower and safety systems.
Demonstrate advanced flying skills.
Recover the bar and kite and perform kite self-landing
Level 1EEnter and exit the water independently and safely with the kite.
Understand the kite’s depower and safety systems.
Re-launch a kite in the water.
Perform first body-drag.