Our instructors will have you up and riding on the kiteboard. They will teach you how to control your speed. By the end of this program you will be ready to kiteboard independently and start learning to ride upwind and change direction.

IKO level 3 can usually be completed in 6 / 9 hours.

Our prices include all the equipment, kite / board / wetsuit / harness / impact vest / helmet / radio system and of course a friendly and experienced kite instructor.

Thalasea Kitesurf Course Program IKO 3
Level 3ALearn the correct position for the water start.Water start in both directions.
Level 3BUp and riding a short distance.Learn to control riding speed and stop.
Level 3CRide with other riders respecting the right of way rules.Learn the theory behind changing direction without stopping.
Level 3DDemonstrate a self-rescue in the water.Self-launch the kite in the water.