Time to perfect your kite control in the water, practice body dragging and learn how to water start on the board.

IKO level 2 can usually be completed in 6 / 9 hours.

Our prices include all the equipment, kite / board / wetsuit / harness / impact vest / helmet / radio system and of course a friendly and experienced kite instructor.

Thalasea Kitesurf Program IKO 2
Level 2ABody-drag downwind with kite in correct position.
Change direction while body-dragging
Recover the kite and bar in the water.
Level 2BRecover the kiteboard by body-dragging.
Body-drag one handed and upwind.
Learn the power stroke needed for a water start.
Level 2CLearn about the effects of tide and wind
Estimate the wind strength, direction and quality.
Understand the right of way rules.
Level 2DChoose and set up a board.
Understand the safety rules and theory for water starts.