Our IKO kitesurf instructors teach you how to control the kite and give you a thorough understanding of the kitesurf equipment and safety systems. No previous experience is required.

IKO level 1 can usually be completed in 4/5 hours.

Our prices include all the equipment, kite / board / wetsuit / harness / impact vest / helmet / radio system and of course a friendly and experienced kite instructor.

Thalasea Kitesurf Course program IKO 1
Level 1A Determine safe conditions for launch site and identify potential hazards. Set-up the trainer kite.
Level 1B Launch and land the trainer kite with an assistant.Demonstrate basic flying skills with trainer kite.Walk and change directions with the trainer kite.
Level 1CSet-up the kite and run pre-flight checks.
Understand the international communication signs.
Assist launching and landing kites.
Level 1DControl the kite hooked into the harness.Understand the kite’s depower and safety systems.
Demonstrate advanced flying skills.
Recover the bar and kite and perform kite self-landing
Level 1EEnter and exit the water independently and safely with the kite.
Understand the kite’s depower and safety systems.
Re-launch a kite in the water.
Perform first body-drag.